Orthodontic Treatments

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase Treatment

What is the advantage of two-phase orthodontic treatment?

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a specialized process that can encompasses tooth straightening and/or physical, facial changes. The major advantage of two-phase treatment is to maximize jaw growth and dental eruption during early development in a child’s growth (Phase one), followed by upper and lower braces to insure proper placement of all adult teeth in relation with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth.

What if I put off treatment?

By putting off treatment, you would be missing out on using growth potential if you are someone with jaw discrepancy. You may need more invasive treatment if only one phase of treatment is done. Early treatment is the most effective in achieving lasting results.

Phase One

Your foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles

The goal of Phase one treatment is to correct existing or developing jaw issues. If an upper jaw is growing to rapidly over the lower jaw or to narrow, this can be recognized at an early age. Receiving early treatment may prevent the removal of permanent teeth later in life, or the need for surgical procedures to correct the jaws position.

Resting Period

After Phase one is completed, your remaining permanent teeth are left alone as they erupt. In some case’s you will wear a retainer to hold the correction that was made. We will see you on a recall bases to determine if Phase 2 is needed.

Phase Two

The goal of second phase treatment is to ensure that each tooth has an exact location in the mouth that enables optimal function and stability for years to come. Braces are worn for normally 24 months.


Retainers are worn immediately following Phase two treatment to stabilize the teeth and hold them in their newly corrected position. Retainer’s are worn full time for 6-12 months followed by night time wear only.