For New Patients



Thank you for helping straighten my teeth.  I love my smile!


I am so excited that my braces are off!   Thank you to Dr. Laberge and all the staff who made this a Cheerful and comfortable experience.


Dr. Laberge,

Thank you so much for getting my teeth all straight.  This place is so friendly and kind!  I always looked forward to coming.

Thank you! 🙂


Thank you so much.  Thanks for being gentle with my teeth.


Thank you so much for an amazing smile, I’m so in love with my smile now.

Valeri   (The “young and the braceless”)

I had a great time here moving locations wasn’t that bad either.  Thanks a lot


Dear Dr. Laberge,

I greatly appreciate you and your staff’s devoted time and efforts on making me smile beautifully.  Thanks for everything.

Yours Truly,


Dear Dr. Laberge,

Thank you soooo much.  My teeth look so great.  You are the best!!!!



Words can’t describe how thankful I am for everything!  All the professional advice and care you and your staff have shown and given me these past 3 1/2 yrs.  I love my smile more than ever.  And I am so so happy with the results!  You have definitely boosted my confidence that much more!

Never stop what you guys do!!

Thanks again,



I like my teeth now and the staff was good.


Thank you so much Christie!!

I love my smile!  It’s even better than I expected.  Thanks to you I love my smile from every angle. Keep on making beautiful smiles!  You’re the best!  XO

Love,  Breanne  P.S.  You’re wonderful inside and out!  I’m so glad I came to get my teeth straightened.

Thank you!


Dear Dr. Laberge,

Thank you for all your hard work & patience.  You have given me a new smile that expresses confidence and joy.  Your office has made me feel welcome at every moment and you’ve never made me feel unsure.

A huge thank you to you and an equally huge thank you to the women who helped along the way.